How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work?


Being in love is magical and every moment spent with your lover lingers in your mind for a long time. Seeing each other every day, talking about routine stuff, having lunch or dinner together everything is romantic, but sometimes distance comes in between and everything changes.

A long distance relationship is a situation where you stay miles away from the love of your life. There are many reasons for a couple to be apart, for example, high school sweethearts separate to pursue their college education or married couples that have to stay away due to job requirements. There are also those that are fighting for their countries while others are waiting for their work contract to end. No matter what the reason is, a couple may have to part ways unwillingly.

How tough is it?
No matter what the reason is, maintaining a relationship, especially a long distance relationship might sound difficult and most of the couples going through it say it’s difficult, but it’s nothing like that at all.Yes, there comes a time when you might feel lonely, a time when you would want to hold his/her hand and spend some time, but the person won’t be by your side. At times like these it will be difficult but then again look on the bright side, when you finally unite the joy, the love, everything will be doubled and you will cherish every moment spent with your sweetheart.

The reason why most people find a long distance relationship to be difficult is due to lack of communication. This is very important in a relationship as one needs to talk to the other person. Hearing his/her voice is enough to know how the other person feels and everyone who has been away from their loved ones knowing how good it feels to hear the voice of their beloved at least once after a busy day.

Missing the other person is something that most people complain about in a long distance relationship. Suddenly everything – every road, every restaurant you have been to makes you feel sad and it will remind you of him/her. It happens during the initial stages, later on, you will get used to the fact that life doesn’t stop and you will get involved with your own routine life and these small things wouldn’t matter anymore. The bright side to that is you can do everything all over again when you reunite.

Jealousy and Insecurity
Jealousy is a part of every relationship and it increases in the case of a long distance relationship, suddenly you will be jealous of your best friend, co-worker or anyone you know. Just seeing them happy with the love of their life will make you sad. It’s quite normal and it will happen but there is a bright side to that too as they will not have the same spark left after a while and that’s when you will get started and this time they will be jealous of you.

Insecurity also plays a part in a long distance relationship at times you might think, what if he/she meets someone else? It’s moments like these when all the modern day communication comes to use. If such a negative thought ever comes to your mind then it’s better to clear things out right away, before it gets built up and becomes something bad. Trust is the main thing, if you trust the other person then no rumor or any information has the power to change what you guys feel for each other. In case you find yourself in such a situation then it’s better to talk to each other about it.

Yes, there is a bright side to a long distance relationship

No matter what people say there are many positive sides to a long distance relationship. The first one is passion, after months or years of being apart the moment you spend with your sweetheart will be magical and unlike other couples, you will have fewer reasons to fight and more reasons to shower your love upon each other.

Some people tend to complain that their partner is not showing as much love and affection as they would if they were physically together by way of spontaneous flowers, chocolates or other small, romantic gifts. However, there’s really no excuse for this these days as with online shopping it’s easy to receive and send presents. All you need to do is place the order, pay the amount and your flowers, chocolates etc will reach her in no time and in good shape. Some online shops will even gift wrap your items for you!

Nothing is better than expressing your feelings through a poem or a song. If you can write then you can try out the good old method of a love letter or greeting card, or you can simply text your thoughts. For those who cannot write, there are enough materials online to help you out with your writing skills. All you need to do is copy, paste and send. It’s these small gestures that keep the spark alive in a long distance relationship.

Trust is the word
A long-distance relationship or for that matter any relationship can only work if you really want it to work. Sometimes the communication between two individuals living together is less than the ones who live miles apart. People living under the same roof have no idea what their partner is going through and things turn bitter.

Its true things might seem difficult and there are moments when you will find yourself to be sad, unhappy and even thinking “Is all this pain and suffering worth it”, well that’s the test of time and communication is the only way out of it. Let the other know what you are going through because you never know he/she might be feeling the thing. Talking to each other will make things easier for the both of you.

Last but not the least relationships are not bound by distance, if you have trust and faith in your love then it can pass every test of time and distance.

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